I am Louis Rouanet. PhD economist.

I am an assistant professor at Western Kentucky University in the department of economics. I completed my PhD in economics at George Mason university in Summer 2021. My passion for economics and its power for explaining behavior led me to apply the economic approach to different historical contexts, from medieval city charters to tribal constitutions, from hyperinflation during the French Revolution to free-banking laws in antebellum America.

I live with my wife Mary, my two sons Émile & Julien and Toulouse, my cat.

I am joining University of Texas El Paso as an assistant professor in Fall 2023.


Journal articles

Journal of Economic History (forthcoming)

The Calculus of American Indian Consent: The law and economics of tribal constitutions

Public Choice (Forthcoming)

Journal of Institutional Economics

Under Review

R&R at European Journal of Law and Economics

Can Geography Explain Quebec's Historical Poverty ?

R&R at southern economic journal



Universidad Francisco Marroquín

George Mason University


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